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摘要: ”对于中国的发展,丹麦前首相赫勒•托宁-施密特发出了这样的感叹。之后的几十年里,她见证了中国是如何发展起来,并成为了她眼里的一个“完全不一样的国家”。...

“哦,天哪!” 对于中国的发展,丹麦前首相赫勒•托宁-施密特发出了这样的感叹。然而这一点都不夸张。1986年,托宁-施密特第一次来到中国。之后的几十年里,她见证了中国是如何发展起来,并成为了她眼里的一个“完全不一样的国家”。

"Oh my God", is how former Danish Prime Minister Helle T西瓜哥哥horning-Schmidtdescribes China's development and she's not exaggerating. Since coming to China for the first time in 1986, Thorning-Schmidt has witnessed firsthand how China has become a "completely different country".


Chinese President Xi Jinping met with former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt in Beijing, Sept 9, 2014. (Photo拉力绳锻炼方法视频/Xinhua)


Thorning-Schmidt paid a 沈沛琴state visit to China from September 9 to 1vhp传递窗2, 2014. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with her at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, as both sides agreed to strengthen political and commercial ties for fruitful cooperation in a wide range of fields.


"Denmark was among the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China and was also among the first Northern European countries that established a comprehensive strategic partnership with China."

托宁-施密特在接受China爱情保卫战20130124 Focus专访时,谈到了她认为中国之所以能够成为世界大国的原因,中国在全球性的国际机构中发挥了怎样的领导作用,以及为什么希望在她任职期间两国奠定的友好关系能够得以延续。

In an exclusive interview with China Focus, Thorning-Schmidt revealed what she thinks makes China, China, how the country can lead in global institutions and why she hopes the groundwork she laid for China-Denmark relations when she was Prime Minister will continue to grow.


Helle Thorning- Schmidt, former Prime Minister of Denmark


What Changes Have You Seen in China?


Thorning-Sc平治东方智能电话hmidt: Oh my God. Just walking around in Beijing, it's a completely different country. And I remember coming back a few years ago as a tourist with my family and really realizing that China has chang早安心语,海尔洗衣机售后服务电话,张棪琰ed.


An interesting thing is how much we are adopting one another's culture and there's a lot of Western brands here now, which you didn't see at all back in the 1980s and 1990s. But also, there's still the philosophy, the thinking, the special characteristics of China. That makes China, China. So, I think that mixture is very clear now.


In Which Fields Can China Open-Up More?


Thorning-Schmidt: I hope that China will open up c纳维康空气净化器ompletely to foreign investment. It's important that there is complete reciprocity for those who welcome Chinese investment. In some European countries, there should be complete reciprocity in that area as we未亡人日记ll.


I also hope that China achieves even greater integration into global financial markets because I think these things are important, and I'm always hoping that along with its great power, China can take on more responsibilities in its work with international g水事易lobal institutions.

2018年8月20日,在丹麦哥本哈根举行的 "中国设计" 展览上, 一位当地观展者正与中国设计师交谈。(图/新华社)

A visitor was talking with a Chinese designer during the exhibition "Design China" in Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug 20, 喙尾琵琶甲2018. (Photo/Xinhua)


How Do You View China-Denmark Relations?


Thorning-Schmidt: I've always been personally very fascinated with China. I came to China for the first time in 1986 and spent a few months here, travelling around because I alwkboss名堂ays thought that this amazing nation was one you should par世界污染者套装tner up with and be friends with. I continued that approach when I was prime minister myself.


We had the first State visit ever from a Chinese President to Denmark. I also came back to China a few times as Prime Minister, which was very fruitful because we appreciate the engagement.


We don't always see things the same way, so there can be disagreements.食管粒子支架 But I really feel that dialogue is the best way to solve disagreements and that's why I have always felt that China is a partner. We share the same planet, the same globe. So, we need to partner up and we are in智勇大冲关20110713terdependent.


I hope we can go from strength-to-strength. China and Denmark have always had a very close relationship. And Denmark was one of the first countries to recognize the new China.


We welcome Chinese investment in Denmark and I hope the new government does that as well. I'm seeing different tones in Europe right now and I hope that the Chinese will reach out a hand and try to further the deepening of our relationship and understanding of China in the West.

撰文 / China Focus团队

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